Personal attention to every patient

Dr Rajan T.D. understands that every patient has a unique skin type and has specific ailments. Therefore

  • He provides individual and personal attention to each patient every time
  • You get a patient hearing and you can speak to him in comfort
  • Being a teacher, he will ensure that you are explained in simple language
  • Minimum tests or expensive procedures is the mantra of Dr Rajan T.D.
  • Short and crisp prescriptions, only essential drugs are prescribed
About Tanning

How Skin gets darkened

Pigment producing cells in the upper layers of the skin are responsible for our body color. It is acted upon by the ultraviolet rays from the sun to make exposed areas darker.Nutrition also plays a role in ensuring that skin remains healthy and glowing.

The best way to prevent darkening of skin is to follow these practices.
  • Have sufficient water and eat lot of green veggies
  • Oranges, lemon, lime juice etc help to brighten the skin
  • Use a sunscreen if you are stepping out between 11 am and 3 pm
  • Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping out
  • When on a holiday, wear a broad rimmed hat
  • If you are a salesperson, use a cap with a broad front rim to cut off sunlight
  • Use a brightening cream which your dermatologist can prescribe
About Us

Personal Attention to Each and Every Patient

Unlike modern branded clinics, Dr. Rajan T.D. attends to each patient individually with undivided attention. “That is what helps him to concentrate and deliver good results even in chronic and difficult skin diseases,” says Carol D’souza from Bandra, Mumbai.

  • Consultation is one on one personally by Dr Rajan TD
  • Procedures are personally performed
  • Easily contactable through phone, email, videocall by prior appointment
  • Online access in emergency and holidays when practically possible
  • Senior citizens can be attended online to avoid visit to clinic
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