•    “Having a busy practice alone is not an achievement, “ says Dr Rajan T.D. He feels that “the real achievement is bringing a smile on the face of the patient who is troubled by a rash on the cheeks!”
•    Those children who were once his patient, are now mothers and fathers whose children are brought to him and that is the achievement.
•    Many skin diseases are chronic and have no cure but patients consulting him have got immense relief by the doctor’s deft handling and helping the patient to cope with the disease even as nature takes its time to heal. Making the ugly shedding of the skin disappear even though it is not a cure is an achievement!
•    Helping the patient get good sleep and get up early to go to work even as his itchy leg heals slowly is no mean achievement.
•    Dr Rajan TD’s students are busy practitioners in Mumbai and several towns of Maharashtra. He has taught numerous students during his medical career as Registrar, Lecturer in Dermatology at LTMG Hospital , VCG & MAV Rajawadi Hospital, KB Bhabha Hospital and many of them have completed DVD, MD and DNB in Dermatology
•    He got the best lecturer award from KB Bhabha Hospital in the year
•    Dr Rajan TD was a Hon Professor of Dermatology at CMPH Medical College and was undergraduate examiner under the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences
•    Best Lecturer of the year, K.B. Bhabha Municipal Hospital, 1993-94
•    1st place in Car rally for the physically challenged, Mumbai, Jan. 05, 2003

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