2 easy ways to reach Dr. Rajan TD

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Take help from your friendly, neighbourhood skin doctor

•    Are you living abroad and need help for yofur aging parents in India?
•    Have you been troubled by a nagging skin problem for years?
•    Have you visited multiple general practitioners and specialist doctors for your skin problems and not been satisfied? Is your doctor unable to explain the cause of your skin problem in simple language?
•    Are you living in a remote place and find it difficult to access a dermatologist nearby? Is your skin condition worsening despite regular application of medicines?

For all such cases, Dr Rajan T.D. will try to help you and guide you. Many skin conditions may not have a cure, yet, you need not suffer from it always. Learn to cope with chronic skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, urticaria, allergic skin disorders, pigmentation, genital complaints, lichen planus, alopecia, white patches like leukoderma, acne, scars, keloids etc.

Please note:
1.    This site will only assist patients with skin/hair/nails and sexually transmitted diseases.
2.    Response to treatment will vary for different skin diseases
3.    People seeking assistance through this service, need to submit scanned copies of previous doctors’ prescription and relevant reports in order to speed up the response.
4.    If the previous doctor’s treatment is found to be accurate, you will be advised to continue treatment with the same doctor.
5.    Like all other medical conditions, this service is an attempt to give you online support for your disturbing disease and there are no claims of cure.
6.    You are requested to take guidance from your local doctor if you have some other health conditions or drug allergies


2 easy ways to reach Dr. Rajan TD

Dr Rajan TD will help you solve your nail, skin or hair issue promptly in 3 easy ways…Fill out the form, attach photos, make payment andask for email, telephonic or video consultation. In about 10-16 hours you can expect a reply except on holidays. For any doubts call clinic 022-66982747 between 1000 – 1300 hours and 1700 – 2000 hrs.


₹ 1800

  • Fill form - send photos. Choose preferred phone call time. Actual call time may vary.
  • Dr will speak to you or videocall at convenient time and reply with prescription
  • 2 email replies FREE for next 15 days
  • Applicable to resident Indians

Email Consultation

₹ 1500

  • Fill form - send photos
  • Dr will reply with prescription. He will set time for phone or videocall if necessary.
  • 2 email replies FREE for next 15 days
  • Applicable to resident Indians

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