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Dr Rajan T.D. has embarked on an ambitious project of reaching out to the whole country to help people, both in towns as well as rural areas to overcome their skin ailments. A large number of people suffer from a variety of skin disorders and many of them are either unaware or lack easy access to medical care.
In remote areas there are general doctors but they are ill-equipped to treat skin diseases due to lack of knowledge and training in dermatology and venereology. Dr Rajan TD aims to bridge this gap by working at different levels:
1.    Provide teleconsultation to people across the country so that nobody with a mobile phone or internet connection fails to treat their itchy, discoloured or painful skin conditions.
2.    Provide scientific dermatology knowledge to general practitioners especially in mofussil and rural areas to equip them to treat their patients of skin disease better.  Regular lectures will be planned for groups of such doctors to educate them on common topics in dermatology and venereology.
3.    Young medical students are looking for authentic information on cosmetology, dermatology, hair and nail disorders, sex related issues, sexually transmitted diseases etc. but do not know whom to ask. Dr Rajan TD is a ready source of help to such students so that an informed medical student becomes a better clinician in future.
4.    Maintain an online channel for such doctors to discuss their cases with Dr Rajan TD and take guidance for treatment.
5.    Cases of teleconsultation who require physical in-clinic consultation will be directed to reputed, qualified dermatologists close to their place. For this Dr Rajan is developing a network of dermatologists across the nation who can attend to the patient who cannot be treated online.
6.    Referral to other specialists wherever necessary is also provided to those who require through the website

I invite all medical students and general practitioners to take advantage of this endeavour to so that they can become better at treating skin and sexually transmitted diseases. Together, let us keep the largest organ and the most visible organ of our countryfolk healthy and glowing.

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