Free Lectures

Free Lectures

Dermatology and Venereology Lectures for doctors

With a vast experience in teaching practising doctors, postgraduate students and undergraduate medical students, Dr Rajan TD wishes to spread knowledge of his subject to doctors in remote parts of the country. Please make use of this excellent opportunity

Dr Rajan TD had been a lecturer of postgraduate students in the early years of his practice. Several of his students are eminent experts in dermatology in various parts of Maharashtra. Although he became busy in his private practice he never stopped guiding his juniors in setting up their practice. He also undertook lectures for medical students and general practitioners in Mumbai regularly over the past 3 decades. He firmly believes that general practitioners are the backbone of medical practice in a country like ours. If they are knowledgeable about various facets of human health, it can improve the sagging healthcare standards of the rural as well as urban folk.

Any doctor, irrespective of their degree, be it MBBS, BHMS, BMS or whatever, who deals with a patient of skin needs to be trained in picking up skin diseases early on so that the patient does not end up with chronic eczema or psoriatic arthropathy and become a greater burden to his family and the state.

With this aim in mind, Dr Rajan TD is collaborating with groups of general practitioners and medical students to teach skin / hair / nails / sexually transmitted diseases to their group by advance booking and at a nominal charge. The series of 5 lectures covers a range of topics in a simple manner to help the clinician / medical student understand the subject while a patient walks in with a skin rash or a patch of hair loss.

For details of lectures and the payment please


1.Anatomy of skin and primary skin lesions, Bacterial skin infections

2.Fungal and viral skin infections, Psoriasis & Lichen planus

3.Acne & Pigmentary disorders,

4.Hair and nail disorders, Eczema & Contact dermatitis, Seborrheic dermatitis

5.Sexually transmitted diseases, Bullous skin diseases


1.Duration of lecture: 100 -120 minutes

2.Schedule: 2.30-4.30 pm Thursdays

3.Minimum group required for 1 set of lectures: 10 personsĀ 

4.Documents to be submitted: Aadhar card / Degree Reg Certificate / Proof of medical college admission

5.Certificate of attendance will be provided. We have no University affiliation

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