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Personal attention to every patient

Dr Rajan T.D. understands that every patient has a unique skin type and has specific ailments. Therefore

  • He provides individual and personal attention to each patient every time
  • You get a patient hearing and you can speak to him in comfort
  • Being a teacher, he will ensure that you are explained in simple language
  • Minimum tests or expensive procedures is the mantra of Dr Rajan T.D.
  • Short and crisp prescriptions, only essential drugs are prescribed
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Skin+Hair+Beauty+Sex Diseases

Whether it is a cosmetic problem or a itchy skin disease, we provide genuine care and advice. Sexually transmitted diseases and counselling on Intimate matters is our additional strength. Your personal / confidential matters can be safely discussed with complete professional secrecy.


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  • 2 email replies FREE for next 15 days
  • Applicable to resident Indians

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After covid are you neglecting your hair fall and skin peeling? Click here for prompt treatment.
Dr. Rajan TD has treated over 50 cases of skin and hair issues after recovery from covid, It is a matter of paying attention to simple things like moisturising, body washes and diet!
Is the itching in the groin bothering you for long and did not know whom to ask?

Consult us online and get rid of the ugly skin issue.



Skin and hair complaints are chronic and do not recover soon. There are number of dermatologists online. You must check with the doctor who has over 3 decades of clinic experience and has treated over 3700 people ONLINE in the past one year. Read what our people say…

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Skin expert Dr Rajan TD writes on how monsoon impacts the skin. How similar brand names cause confusion while buying mediciens, is another article by the senior dermatologist.

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