About Clinic

Dr Rajan TD runs two clinics in the western suburbs of Mumbai in Andheri West and Andheri East. Both clinics are very close to the airport.
The clinic at Andheri west is close to Railway station and bus depot. A quick walk is the easiest way to reach. The clinic located on the first floor has an elevator.

The clinic at Andheri East is close to Shere Punjab Gurudwara and Datta Jagdamba Mandir and is 2 kms from SEEPZ/MIDC via Mahakali Caves Road and can be accessed via Pump House (Jijamata Road) from Western Express Highway . A quick walk is the easiest way to reach. The clinic located on the ground floor has 3 steps.

Wheelchair access is available in both clinics

Dr Rajan T.D. personally attends to each patient and provides complete confidentiaility.
The  following services are available:

•    Chemical peels for acne scars
•    Cosmetic and scar treatment for face and other body areas
•    Treatment of pigmentation of face including melasma
•    Consultation on skin diseases, disorders of hair and nails
•    Sexually transmitted diseases
•    Peel treatment for clearing unwanted tan and glow
•    Treatment of darkening of body folds
•    Removal of warts and moles
•    Non-surgical treatment of corns of feet
•    Keloid injections
•    Pimples, acne and scar elimination
•    Fungal infections
•    HIV and AIDS therapy
•    Treatment of genital and sexual issues
•    Marital counselling
•    Advice on selection of cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, face wash etc
•    Eczema and psoriasis
•    Leucoderma and other white patches

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