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10 points in selecting the right doctor online

How to select the right doctor, online

1.    Check his qualifications: Is he a general physician or a specialist. What are his qualifications? Is he a diplomate or is a postgraduate, viz. MD, MS or DM, M.Ch.
2.    Is he practising solo or attached to any government hospital ? Government hospitals employ only highly qualified personnel. Hence someone who is a consultant at a hospital run by the local body would be one with some degree of experience.
3.    Is he a professor too, teaching at a medical college? A teacher at a medical college is usually one with  vast experience in his field. Besides, teaching doctors have better skills of communication than those who are only into private practice.
4.    Does he have any attachment to any private hospital or a well known industrial group? Large corporations appoint senior and highly skilled consultants on their panel so as to take care of their employees. Therefore, a physician who is attached to a large organisation is someone whose biodata is vetted by a team of eminent people.
5.    Does the physician have his website or a blog? Are his articles constantly updated? Are the articles simple to understand or only consists of high sounding jargon? Does the website state his experience in practice? Are his qualifications and attachments mentioned clearly? Perhaps you could call up one of the organisations and verify the attachment.
6.    Does the physician contribute to reputed online journals published globally? Is he mentioned in, say British Medical Journal?
7.    Are the physician’s works elicited in an internet search? That is, if you find a physician meeting the earlier criteria, run an internet search and check if you can get more information about him.
8.    Is there a mention of the physician in other internet sites? Is he quoted in books, journals, newspapers and magazines?
9.    Telephone the clinic and talk to the receptionist and try verifying the qualification / attachments mentioned. A simple talk with her will clarify if there is something erratic.
10.    Speak to the physician himself / herself and get a feel of how he / she sounds over the phone. Is the doctor responsive or is he very curt and brief? He would obviously not provide consultation on telephone. Therefore avoid asking for specific answers over the phone. In fact, it might put off  a well meaning physician.


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