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Moisturisers are not totally harmless

“Moisturisers are not totally harmless” writes Skin Specialist from Mumbai

There is spurt in health-related information in the print and electronic media these days. Day in and day out there are articles written on  the benefits of yoga, meditation and diet. Likewise magazines and newspapers carry articles on the benefits of various methods of looking young. Most writers make sure to mention that one should moisturise the skin every night before going to bed and this advise is religiously followed by young men and women.

Is it a good practice to moisturise the skin every night as a routine? The answer is both, yes and no!

While moisturisers prevent the loss of water from the superficial layers of the skin, they also maintain the oiliness and keep the skin supple. Thereby the skin is protected from chapping and developing itch.

Moisturisers are extremely useful for elderly people whose skin is devoid of the natural oil, known as sebum. It is also essential for children and adults with dry skin. Most people who are exposed to harsh winter and low humidity require moisturisers on their skin.

Moisturisers have the potential to cause certain problems if wrongly used. In young men and women who are prone to acne/pimples may aggravate their condition by using moisturisers on the face. Teenagers who have an oily skin should be careful. They should not apply moisturizing creams on their face during the hot and humid months. The application of the cream should be thin and with gentle pressure.

On hairy areas of the body, moisturisers can produce a bacterial infection by clogging the sweat and oil pores. This is called folliculitis. It is a painful condition similar to boils.

Rarely these creams may induce an allergic reaction if the person using it does not tolerate its ingredients.

Therefore, before applying a moisturiser on your skin check whether your skin is oily and whether you need it. Also determine if the weather is cool and dry to require moisturizing. If you are pimple-prone, it is better to skip the “moisturise daily” advise and remain in good health, without it!


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