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How do teenage girls and boys prevent pimples

In places with hot and humid climate pimples and oiliness of skin can only be minimised and not totally prevented. This is particularly true in teenage girls and boys as their hormonal flow activates skin oil glands. There is no magic pill

Ø     In summer the face should be washed every four hours. Washing the face with a non-oil containing soap or non-moisturising soap (avoid baby soaps, Dove, Pears etc) would help.

Ø     Eating plenty of green vegetables, plenty of fibre, drinking about two litres of water also helps to keep the immune system toned.

Ø     Avoid picking the skin unnecessarily. Frequent touching increases germs on the skin. Also, nails edges cause marks on the face very easily.

Ø     Do not use any moisturizer on the face during summer months both during the day or night, except if some part is really flaking.

Ø     Avoid using oily ointments on the areas which are prone to acne.

Ø     Do not go for facials or cosmetic treatments in summer, that too from untrained beauticians or aestheticiennes.


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