sexual matters

Feeling shy and don't know whom to ask? Do not worry. Help is available

Groin, genital and sexual issues can be discussed

Whether it is a fungal infection or an unwanted mole on the private part, you can safely and confidentially discuss with Dr Rajan T.D.  

Conjugal infection in both woman and man? Is  diabetes the real culprit?

Many times diabetes in one partner is the cause of both partners getting infected in the private parts. Get a thorough assessment of your condition and guidelines on coping with the situation.

Is too much of soap good for the genital areas?

The genital skin is very thin and fragile. Soaps have alkalis which may irritate the acidic layer of the skin causing problems. A proper medical consultation will help you overcome the problem

Husband gets cuts on the penis often and you are worried?

Is his blood sugar levels very high or is he over-cleaning the genital areas. Understand the mechanism of skin infection in these delicate parts

Anything else?

Any issue related to the genital areas can be clarified
•    Is there a sexual dysfunctions
•    Newly married and having personal issues needing marital counselling,
•    Infections in women and men due to sexually transmitted diseases

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