Cosmetic issues


Are you in the right clinic?
Are you visiting a cosmetologist?

Have you checked if he or she is qualified MD / DVD (Skin) 

Most people make the mistake of going by fancy clinic names and brands and forget to check the credentials of the treating doctor. You should verify before getting treatted

Tanning and uneven skin tone: 

As we are all exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun some degree of tanning is invevitable. Stand in front of the mirror and look at the skin of your shoulder and the arm where the dress covers. Now compare with the face and neck and you will know how much you have tanned. This can be improved with proper sun protection and appropriate medicines and treatment. 

Pigmentation and age spots

Most women and some men get pigmented or brown spots on the cheeks as they reach middle age. These can be definitely lightened with creams and peel treatments but it takes a few weeks or months to reach the final shade.

Facial pits and scars

Young people get pimples during college and continue later on and these end up as pits and scars. Regular treatment with creams, gels, medium depth peels, TCA cross and other chemicals help to fill up the pits . One should understand that long standing damage to the skin will not get rectified magically but patience is the key to a clear face.

Warts, ,moles and skin tags can be painlessly removed

Many of you may notice ugly skin projections on the neck spoiling your looks. We can remove it in less than 30 minutes after applying a numbing cream prior to that.  Similarly if black moles or ugly viral warts on face or elsewhere can also be removed with Laser after taking advance appointment

Injection-less anti-ageing treatment

Ageing is a continuous process and cannot be reversed but it can be less visible to others with proper diet, skin care, chemical peels and medications. Many treatments are frightfully expensive and involve risky and expensive injections. If you are looking for injectionless ageing, ask for an appointment.

Keep hair shiny and strong 

Are you suffering from thyroid disorder, anemia or poor nutrition? These could be the reason for hair loss. External cosmetics / shampoos / conditioners / oils do not penetrate the hair roots. Get a medical opinion and perfect treatment for glossy and strong hair that lasts.

Want smooth, shiny nails?

Tight shoes, poor blood circulation, diabetes and nutritional deficiencies make your nails dull, ridged, split and uneven. Get your nails checked and find out what is preventing you from getting that shiny nail.

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